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For All Your Thread Gage Needs

General Services

  • Calibrate thread ring, thread plug gages, gage blocks, plain gages and mechanical measuring equipment
  • Remanufacture/repair failed threaded ring gages with significant savings compared to new gage costs
  • Research competitive quotes for all new gage types
  • Supply replacement gages at competitive pricing, with new gaging often in-stock at our Weymouth, MA facility, for immediate delivery
  • Focus on customer service and turnaround time, translating to less client downtime

Consulting Services:

With over 40 years of training, we have extensive knowledge and experience with thread gage use in the field.  While our clients vary — automotive, aerospace, medical devices, government inspection and more — there are normal practices across all of these industries that pertain to the efficient and economical use of gages.  Our unique cross-industry experience gives us the ability to troubleshoot calibration processes in any field. We’d like to share that experience and knowledge through an on-site visit to help streamline your calibration process, saving you both time and money.

Consulting Services include:

  • Review thread gage calibration cycles to insure minimum product rejection
  • Provide training in the proper use of gaging on your product
  • Develop and/or review a clean, temperature-safe crib
  • Determine and extend the expected wear life of gages

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